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Ceramic Pro Marine
Ceramic Pro is a clear, liquid nanoceramic coating that can be applied in multiple layers. After complete polymerization the solutions on the surface will transform into a permanent durable but flexible glass shield.
Ceramic Pro can be described as an additional clear coating with 3 times the hardness and self-cleaning properties.
Why should I use Ceramic Pro on my vehicle?
Permanent Bond!
In Comparison to other surface protection products on the market Ceramic Pro 9H forms a permanent bond with the clear coating and does not delaminate. Once Ceramic Pro 9H has polymerized it can NOT be removed by any chemicals. The only way it can be removed is by machine polishing.
Self-Cleaning Effect, Less Maintenance
The smoothness of coated surfaces does not allow dirt, break dust and tar to stick to your car's paint, wheels or glass. This allows washing your vehicle with less effort and frequency. Waxing is now obsolete.
Reasonable Investment
The coating will protect the vehicle's exterior and interior from deteriorating for a lifetime. The resale market value will therefore be substantially higher!
Stay new! Permanently
Once the coating is applied you will see a mirror effect, glossiness and color depth incomparable to anything else! With proper maintenance your car’s finish will shine for many years to come.
Used for the treatment of
  • car exterior
  • car interior
  • wheels
  • motorbike
  • car and bike glass
  • plastic engine cover
  • chrome elements
  • calipers

For all automotive surfaces!

Permanent coatings for any automotive surfaces! Interior and Exterior!

Product line

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