Ceramic Pro New R&D Project | Diamond Like Carbon Coating

11 Jun 2017

Dear friends,

As some of you might have already heard, Ceramic Pro line of products is expecting a new addition. The new coating developed by Nanoshine will be called Ceramic Pro DLC. DLC stands for the name of “Diamond Like Carbon” technology. As the name suggests this sort of coatings can be compared to diamonds in terms of their properties. They provide extremely effective resistance to abrasive damage, high temperatures and effects of aggressive chemicals, acids, and alkali.

Yet, this technology had a significant flaw that has become a serious obstacle to spreading of DLC coatings throughout a wide range of industries and applications. These coatings could only be applied in conditions of complete vacuum, which requires expensive and space-consuming equipment and complicates the overall usage process.

Using nano-technology, Nanoshine was able to create a unique formula that has no equivalents in the world, that allows applying DLC coatings in normal conditions. From now on this unmatched protection will be available to various industries almost without any limitation at all.

Ceramic Pro DLC will be the flagship of the new generation of Ceramic Pro product line. It has already successfully passed internal tests and is now in the process of field testing. Once it is complete, it will become available to the official Ceramic Pro distributors all over the world.

Stay tuned for more insights on the product’s properties and suggested fields of application.