We Create, others imitate

29 Sep 2017

Many years of success of permanent protective Ceramic Pro coatings has led to the appearance of multiple fakes and copy-cats on the market. Many of them overstate the hardness of their products, claiming that they are harder than the diamond. Some of them even steal fragments of Ceramic Pro videos to prove their statements. And of course their incredibly powerful solutions are cheaper than the original and look just as good. But is it really so? Let’s find out how Ceramic Pro is different in this video.

Ceramic Pro solutions are a combination of important characteristics: hydrophobic effect, UV resistance, scratch and hit resistance, long-lasting effect. A good protective coating is not just gloss and saturated color. Unlike fakes, the hardness of Ceramic Pro is proven by the international SGS certificate. The solution is flexible after application. Fakes are fragile and when multi-layered crack like glass. Multiple tests prove that Ceramic Pro doesn’t crack. Even in case of a road accident, collapse of a roof and fire, the paint protected by Ceramic Pro remained untouched. Elasticity along with hardness of Ceramic Pro has been tested by our partners in Russia, USA, Brazil, Germany, India and other countries of the world. And the result was always the same: no cracks. Choosing the protection for your car, always ask for certificates. Check out the test results and ask for a demonstration of the product’s properties. Watch videos on YouTube about the product, read feedbacks on forums and social networks. Choose original products with proven quality.